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In September of 2018, we started filling bags with food for elementary-aged students in Summit County, Colorado. We're working with local teachers and administrators to identify any student that might benefit from a bag of nutritious food to take home over the weekend. 

Since then we've expanded to include a produce bag for the families, snacks for our local classrooms, and a holiday meal box for Thanksgiving and the Winter Break. Each week, we  fill bags for delivery and take them to our student's homes. That's where your dollars come in. Your donation will help us purchase the food we need to feed the students in our programs. Below area  few ways you can help: 

  • Snack Program Sponsor: $15/month or $180/year buys snacks for a classroom for one year. 

  • Kid's Weekend Bags: $25/month or $300/year feeds one student every weekend all year long

  • Produce Family Bags: $50/month or $600/year gives a family a bag of fresh produce every weekend for a year

  • Sponsor a Full Family: $100/month or $1200/year buys a family both kid's focused food and produce every weekend for a full year

We predict we'll feed around 600 students per week at in all of our counties - Summit, Lake, and Park - for the 2022/23 school year. We appreciate any and all financial support you are willing to give!

Please contact us at or 970-368-2848 if you need help with your donation or would like to give another way. 

Our mailing address is PO Box 8374, Breckenridge, CO 80424.


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