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Snack Sponsor

A few years ago, we had a teacher reach out to us. She noticed that during snack time in her classroom, not every student had a snack from home. She knew many teachers that would (use their own money to) buy snacks for kids that forgot or weren't able to bring one. We decided to get involved. Now we provide 115 classrooms with a bag of snacks each month. That way teachers have a reserve in their classroom for when kids need a little pick-me-up to stay focused. 

Our Snack Program is another way we try to help kids focused on school, learning, relationships and play instead of being hungry and wondering where they can find food. 

Become a Snack Program Sponsor below! With a recurring $15 monthly gift, you can buy snacks for one of our classrooms. We spend about $.30 per snack and give each classroom about 50 snacks. 

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