Smart Bellies is a team of local community members working to provide children with an equitable and reliable source of nutritious food.
The team at Smart Bellies values a collaborative approach, and partners with other local organizations to bridge the gaps in food insecurity.


Smart Bellies strives to include and represent all members of our community while working to reduce food insecurity in children.


Smart Bellies will be a reliable and consistent source of nutritious food for children. 


Smart Bellies values diversity and treats everyone with respect to ensure fair and equal access to nutritious food.


Smart Bellies works to find efficient solutions to eliminate child hunger.


Smart Bellies works to build relationships between schools, government services, volunteers, and community members to broaden our reach.

MISSION: Smart Bellies Backpack Food Program strives to eliminate childhood hunger on the weekends by providing backpacks full of nutritious food, allowing children to get the full benefit of their education and development.